The Tower of Berzelek #Heroica #Lego

Sorry for my rusty english. I haven’t written for a long time. But I think this post shouldn’t be in german only.

Between Fortaan and Waldurk the Tower of Berzelek is a focal point for all travelers in Ennon. It can be seen from all over the Kingdom and its sovereigns always helped those, who needed them.

Since about fifty years its on Master Magnimodr to administer the Tower and its students. The Wizards of Berzelek always were the protecors of the Kings of Ennon. Once, one of his predecessors put the well known spell on Queen Draida, that transformed her into the mystical seamonster. But now, Magnimodr has betrayed King Hakison to the Goblins.

Hakison vanished in a blue cloud but nobody knows, where he is now. The true King may reveal, but first the magic seal has to be broken…

The whole adventure is made of parts from the LEGO Game Hogwarts (3862). This is no detailed instruction, but the pictures may show enough to rebuild this extension to Heroica. Some monsters are added as well as two items, the Potion of Revival and the Seal of Truth. This modification is won by the player who could beat Magnimodr and his students. The price for that victory will be the Seal of Truth.

There are six parts in this modification.

  • Two spidercages with a yellow Strenght Potion or a red  Life Potion
  • A plattform with a giant cat
  • The eremites hollow – the eremite guards a green Potion of Revival
  • The frog corridor where no special abilities can be used
  • The Tower itself with Magnimodr and his students

Strength of the monsters

  • Spiders and frogs: 1
  • Giant cat: 2
  • Green eremite: 2 + 2 (he uses the Potion of Revival one time for himself)
  • Students: 1
  • Magnimodr: 4

I hope you will enjoy this modification. If you do so, you can dowload a PDF with more Pictures and further details here that can be used as a guide to add to the original game. Be free to comment, add ideas, enhance the stroy, and so on…

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